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Iowa OC Brian Ferentz will be leaving after the 2023 season!

Iowa Football will be looking for a new OC

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Many Iowa fans got their wish last Tuesday. Iowa Football will be looking for a new OC after this season ends. It was announced last Tuesday that Iowa Offensive Coordinator Brian Ferentz will not return next season. According to reports, he will finish out the year for the Hawkeyes that will included their bowl game. Iowa is currently 7-2 after their 10-7 win over Northwestern on Saturday at Wrigley Field. Once the year ends, Iowa will be in a need for an OC. Ferentz has been the offensive coordinator at Iowa since 2017 after Greg Davis retired. Before his time as OC, he was the Offensive line coach from 2012 until 2016. He was a former player as well as he played for the Hawkeyes as an offensive lineman from 2001 until 2005. Other than Iowa, Ferentz has only been with New England as he was the scouting assistant and also TE`s coach in 2012 which was his last with the Patriots.

Many Iowa fans have been displeased with the current state of the offense. Since 2021, the Hawkeyes have been ranked almost dead last in every offensive category. Since 2017, Iowa ranks 98th in the country in scoring at only 25.3 points per game. However, the offense has just averaged just 20.4 since the start of 2021.

Iowa is way below the 25 points-per-game amenity in his contract back in the winter. Iowa`s offensive ranking is 118th with the scoring offense only averaging 19.5 pointer per game. The Hawks are dead last in the country in yards per game at 232.4 and well behind the other bad offense which is Eastern Michigan. They average only 258.8 yards per game. Iowa has faced several setbacks this season as they lost starting quarterback Cade McNamara. They also lost both of their star tight ends to injury as well. Luke Lachey and Erick All went down with significant injuries midway through the season. Both TE`s are projected to be either first or second round picks in next years draft.

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Last Tuesday, Iowa AD Beth Goetz announced on Tuesday that Iowa would be looking for a new Offensive Coordinator. Before the year began, it was announced that Ferentz had taken a $ 50,000 pay cut and in order to remain with the Hawks. The contract also included that Iowa would need to average 25 points per game in order for him to keep his job. If Iowa wanted to reach that threshold, they would need to score 134 in three games. Iowa still has to play Rutgers, Illinois and Nebraska. His contract was through the end of 2024 season before the announced was made. This is what AD interim Beth Goetz had to say about Ferentz.

"After conversations with head coach Kirk Ferentz, coach Brian Ferentz and President Wilson, I informed Brian that our intention is for him to be with us through the bowl game, but this is his last season with the program,". "Making this known today is in the best interest of the program and its loyal fans; it provides clarity during this pivotal time in the schedule."

Goetz is expected to get the permanent Athletic Director job after talking over for Gary who retired on August 1st. Barty was the one who put the clause in the contract before he retired.

After the announcement was made, head coach Kirk Ferentz spoke to reporters about the decision that his son was done with the University after this season. Ferentz made it very clear that he was going to remain with Iowa next season and beyond. He is 68 years old and his contract runs through 2029. However, if Iowa one day decides to let him go, his buyout would be $ 42 million. Kirk Ferentz makes $ 7 million per year and has been at the University since 1999 after coming from Maine. Before his time at Maine, Ferentz spent time as the O-Line coach with the Browns. During that time, Bill Belichick was the head coach and Nick Saban was DC at the time. Ferentz had this to say back in August.

"I've been here 34 years now, two different times, and I've never witnessed a coordinator being relieved of his duties," "If you don't think somebody is getting the job done, then yeah, you have to suggest maybe it's time to move on or whatever. You just try to evaluate your people, that's part of your job. We haven't had much turnover here."

Since Ferentz has been at Iowa, he has only had three different Offensive Coordinators. Ken O'Keefe, Greg Davis and Brian Ferentz. O'Keefe left the program voluntarily after the 2011 season. He took over as a WR`s coach with the Miami Dolphins in 2012. Davis retired after the 2016 season. He was the OC at Iowa from 2012 until 2016.

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In the wake of a challenging season for the Iowa Hawkeyes, the decision to part ways with Offensive Coordinator Brian Ferentz was made with the aim of rejuvenating the team's offensive capabilities. Falling short of their goal to average 25 points per game, this move signals a commitment to a brighter future for the program. As they embark on a new chapter, Hawkeyes fans can only hope for an era of renewed offensive prowess and an exciting journey ahead, building upon the rich tradition of Iowa football.

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