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Henry Ruggs has been sentenced from 3 to 10 in prison!

Former Raiders WR Henry Ruggs has been sentenced from 3-10 years in prison for driving under the influence and killing a woman and her dog back in November of 2021. The woman's name was Time Tentor. Ruggs was immediately released by the Raiders following his accident and while he was in the hospital recovering. Since his accident, he was under house arrest and after he was released from the hospital he paid bail that was for $ 150,000 dollars.

The Alabama product had his girlfriend in the car at the time and according to reports, she was also injured during the crash. According to the reports, Ruggs was driving 156 MPH in a 45 MPH speed limit in his 2020 Corvette Stingray into Tintor's Toyota RAV4. The Police report also stated his blood draw about two hours after the crash was 0.161 -- more than twice the legal limit in Nevada.

The court's decision after the crash last year allowed Ruggs to leave his home twice a week to work out three hours a day at a training center in Las Vegas. Around that same time, the court allowed him to go to California for a month of medical treatment. Ruggs waived his rights to a preliminary hearing as a plea deal was reached in which one count of DUI causing substantial harm regarding his passenger was dropped. The former first round pick in 2020, played 20 games for the Raiders and caught 50 passes for 921 yards and 4 TD`s.

District Attorney Steven B. Wolfson said this in a statement. “The most serious charge the law allows' ' when someone dies as the result of a drunken driver's actions. That charge, the statement said, was based virtually entirely on the result of a blood draw, which occurred at the hospital. After the judge asked if Ruggs was the cause of the death he responded by saying: "Yes, Your Honor." Because of this, the judge set his sentence for Aug. 9 where he was sentenced for 3 to 10 years in prison. Before August 9th, Ruggs remained under house arrest with alcohol and location electronic monitoring devices until then.



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