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The Spurs resign Greg Popovich: Pop is staying put in San Antonio!

The Spurs have locked up Pop until 2028! Greg Popovich signs a new deal at 5 years for 80 Million! (STN Blog)

Greg Popovich becomes the highest paid coach in NBA history!

In a significant development for the San Antonio Spurs, renowned head coach Greg Popovich has agreed to a lucrative contract extension, ensuring his continued leadership of the franchise for the next five years. The new deal, which is $80 million, solidifies Popovich's long-standing relationship with the Spurs and reaffirms his commitment to guiding the team.

Popovich's Legacy with the Spurs

Greg Popovich is widely regarded as one of the greatest coaches in NBA history, and his illustrious tenure with the San Antonio Spurs spans over two decades. Since taking the helm in 1996, Popovich has transformed the Spurs into a perennial playoff contender and led them to five NBA championships (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2014). Under his guidance, the team has consistently emphasized a culture of excellence, team play, and development.

Renewed Commitment to the Franchise

Popovich's decision to sign a new extension signifies his unwavering dedication to the franchise and his belief in their future potential. Despite recent challenges and a transitional period, Popovich's continued presence provides stability and valuable experience that will prove instrumental in guiding the team through their current rebuilding phase. The Spurs made the postseason 22 straight seasons. San Antonio made the postseason from 1997 until 2019, which is still an NBA record. The five-year extension demonstrates the trust and confidence the Spurs' management and ownership have in Popovich's ability to shape and develop a competitive roster. It also reinforces his position as a cornerstone of the organization and a key figure in their long-term plans.

The largest contract in NBA history

The new deal makes Greg Popovich the highest paid coach in the Association. Pop just inked a historic deal that solidifies his place in basketball history. Popovich's newly signed contract, valued at an unprecedented amount, now holds the distinction of being the largest-ever for a head coach in the NBA. He surpassed new Pistons head coach Monty Williams who recently became the highest paid coach in the League at the time, which was for 6 years and 78.5 million. This groundbreaking agreement reflects Popovich's remarkable coaching prowess, unparalleled success with the San Antonio Spurs, and the unwavering trust placed in his ability to lead the team to further triumphs. With this monumental contract, Popovich's legacy as one of the most influential figures in the sport is etched even deeper into the annals of basketball history.

The Promise of Victor Wembanyama

One of the reasons why Pop decided to say with the Spurs and not retire was because of Victor Wembanyama. He stands at an impressive 7'3", and has emerged as one of the most highly regarded young talents in international basketball. With his exceptional height, remarkable defensive instincts, and versatile skill set, Wembanyama possesses the potential to make a significant impact on both ends of the court. His combination of shot-blocking prowess, perimeter shooting, and playmaking abilities make him a unique and tantalizing prospect for any NBA team.

Popovich's Mentorship and Player Development

One of Popovich's greatest strengths as a coach has been his ability to mentor and develop young players. Over the years, he has nurtured numerous international talents such as Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Boris Diaw, Tiago Splitter and others. He helped them reach their full potential and contributed to the Spurs' sustained success. With Wembanyama joining the Spurs, Popovich's wealth of experience, tactical expertise, and renowned player development skills are primed to play a pivotal role in unlocking the youngster's immense talents.


Greg Popovich's decision to commit to a new five-year extension with the San Antonio Spurs reinforces his status as one of the most respected and accomplished coaches in NBA history. With the new deal valued at $80 million, Popovich's continued tenure ensures stability, experience, and a winning culture for the Spurs as they navigate the challenges of a rebuilding phase. Fans of the franchise can look forward to witnessing Popovich's strategic brilliance on the sidelines and the positive impact he will undoubtedly have on the development of the team's young talent. With his guidance and leadership, the Spurs remain well-positioned for the future and maintain their status as one of the league's most respected organizations.

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