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Every Team That Needed A QB This Offseason Messed Up By Not Signing Lamar Jackson!

Jackson is Dominating This Season And Teams Missed Their Chance of landing the Louisville Product!

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Lamar Jackson is having another MVP Season! Jackson just got done torching the Dolphins on Sunday where he threw for 5 TD passes and had his third perfect QBR of his career! Jackson is likely going to win his second MVP and is the favorite to win award according to Vegas. This season, Jackson has led the Ravens to the best record in the NFL at 13-3 and just had two of the best games this season against really good teams such as the 49ers and Dolphins. Even though his stats done jump off the page, he is winning games for them and is doing everything for this offense. After Sunday, Jackson has 29 total TD, 3,678 passing yards, 821 rushing yards, a 65.3 QBR and a 102.7 passer rating. He is also running 20% less than the previous seasons. Plus the Ravens like to run the ball once they get inside the 20 yard line. We will now dive into last offseason and why teams messed up by not signing the 2019 League MVP.


Last December, Jackson suffered a knee sprain that caused to miss the rest of the season. The Ravens barley won and ended up making the playoffs. However, the Ravens went 2-3 without Jackson, averaged less than 17 points per game and had less than 300 yards per game. When the offseason came around Jackson want a new deal after his contract ran out. The Ravens were not willing to give him a fully guaranteed deal. The former 32nd overall pick then demanded a trade and no longer wanted to be with the Ravens. According to sources, there were also some other reports that came out regarding the organization and Jackson. Baltimore then decided to franchise tag Jackson. The Ravens had two options on the tag and decided to chose the non-exclusive franchise tag which meant that a team could offer him a contract. If the Ravens chose no to match the team would only have to give up two first round picks which was not much especially after the Panthers gave up to acquire Bryce Young who at the time had not even played a snap in the NFL! Even though the Ravens ended up brining back Jackson on a nice 5 year deal for $ 260 Million with $ 185 Million guaranteed, any team in the NFL could have offered him that and maybe even more. There were no guarantees that the Ravens were going to match especially if it was for a little more than what Baltimore offered the two time Pro-Bowler.


NFL Teams Being Foolish

What really made fans angry, was when Jackson became available to other teams. NFL Teams could start talking to Jackson when free agency began. However, teams being the way they are are very quickly showed why they are a bad run franchise. They announced to the world very quickly and loudly that they were not interested in Jackson who was on pace to win his second MVP and Lead the Ravens to another AFC North crown before his injury. Those teams were the Falcons, Panthers, Patriots, Commanders, Jets and Raiders. None of those teams will make the playoffs and all of them have losing records. Teams did later announce that because Jackson did not have an agent made it harder to negotiate with him. However, that was one of the biggest excuses a team can make. The Panthers literally traded their best offensive player and two first round picks along with a second pick to draft a player that hadn't even played a down in the National Football League. All those teams showed why they are a train wreck. Also most of those coaches will be fired by the end of the season.

Wrap Up

The playoffs are just about to start and the Ravens will be getting a bye because of Lamar Jackson! Yes, Jackson has not had the playoff success, but he has not had the type of weapons he currently has. Players such as Zay Flowers, Odell Beckham and even Isiah Likely who is filling in for Mark Andrews have made Jackson`s like a lot easier. Flowers is just a rookie but has very quickly become his favorite target to throw to. The BC product leads the team in receiving yards with 858 yards and also has 5 TD`s. Even Likely who is filling in for Andrews is also having a great year with 4 TD`s.

Teams had their chance and messed up badly. Jackson has been the best QB and no one can argue that. Teams showed what they are mess and are in QB purgatory every year. All of them wish they had a time machine, so that they could go back in time and sign Jackson who is likely going to win the MVP!

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