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West Virginia`s Bob Huggins Resigns!

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Bob Huggins resigns after second DUI! (STN Blog)

Bob Huggins resigns

In a shocking turn of events, Bob Huggins, the head coach of the West Virginia University men's basketball team, has announced his resignation after being involved in another DUI (Driving Under the Influence) incident. Huggins, known for his successful coaching career and his deep ties to the university, has decided to step down amidst growing concerns over his personal conduct. This article delves into the details surrounding Huggins' resignation and the implications it may have on the future of West Virginia basketball.

The Second DUI Incident:

The recent DUI incident involving Bob Huggins marks the second time he has been charged with driving under the influence. Reports indicate that Huggins was told by law enforcement officers to move out of the way after because he was blocking traffic in the middle of the road.The time was around 8:30 PM Eastern time in Pittsburg. Huggins however, had trouble moving his vehicle because he had a bad tire. After the police went to the vehicle they found him and it looked like he was under the influence. The police then told him to exit the vehicle and do a standard field sobriety test. He ended up failing the test badly. Police then found his blood alcohol level upon his arrest it ended up being .210, which was way over the legal limit in Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh legal alcohol limit in Pittsburgh is 0.08%. The incident had raised serious concerns about Huggins' ability to fulfill his responsibilities as the head coach of the West Virginia basketball program.

Resignation and Impact on West Virginia Basketball:

Following the second DUI incident, Bob Huggins made the difficult decision to resign as the head coach of West Virginia University's basketball team. In an official statement, Huggins expressed remorse for his actions and acknowledged that his behavior was inconsistent with the values and expectations of the university and the program. The decision to step down was a mutual agreement reached between Huggins and the university administration, with both parties recognizing the severity of the situation. Huggins had this to say about his most recent DUI. "My recent actions do not represent the values of the University or the leadership expected in this role," "While I have always tried to represent our University with honor, I have let all of you – and myself – down. I am solely responsible for my conduct and sincerely apologize to the University community – particularly to the student-athletes, coaches and staff in our program. I must do better, and I plan to spend the next few months focused on my health and my family so that I can be the person they deserve."

More controversies surrounding Huggins:

A few months ago, Huggins was suspended for three games along with his contract being reworked and he also agreed to go through counseling for issues that were related to his remarks. The former West Virginia coach stated those remarks during an interview on a Cincinnati radio show. The 69 year old head coach had also agreed to have his contract on a one year basis. His new contract was also going to be a one million decrease from his previous deal. Huggins was likely going to retire after the season ended until he had his second DUI.

Huggins' Resignation Legacy:

Bob Huggins leaves behind an impressive legacy at West Virginia University. He took the helm of the Mountaineers' basketball program in 2007 and brought a renewed energy and success to the team. Under Huggins' leadership, West Virginia experienced consistent success, reaching the NCAA Tournament on numerous occasions and advancing to the Final Four in 2010. Huggins' passion for the game and his ability to develop players will be remembered by fans and players alike.

Future of West Virginia Basketball:

With Bob Huggins' departure, West Virginia University faces the daunting task of finding a suitable replacement to lead their basketball program. The university administration will undoubtedly prioritize finding a coach who not only possesses the necessary basketball acumen but also upholds the values and principles of the university. The search for a new head coach will be crucial in maintaining the program's integrity and sustaining its competitive edge in the highly competitive landscape of college basketball.

West Virginia`s new man in charge:

Following the resignation of Bob Huggins as the head coach of the West Virginia University men's basketball team, the university has announced the appointment of Josh Eilert as the interim head coach for the upcoming 2023-24 season. Eilert, who has been serving as an assistant coach, steps into this role with a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the program's values and traditions. Josh Eilert has been an integral part of the West Virginia basketball coaching staff, working closely with Huggins and contributing to the team's success over the years. His promotion to interim head coach demonstrates the university's confidence in his ability to lead the program during this transitional period. Eilert's familiarity with the players, coaching staff, and the university itself will undoubtedly aid in maintaining stability within the team. As interim head coach, Eilert faces the challenge of filling the void left by Huggins while maintaining the program's high standards and competitiveness. It is a crucial opportunity for him to showcase his coaching abilities and demonstrate his leadership qualities to the university and the basketball community at large. West Virginia University's administration, along with the players and fans, will undoubtedly rally behind Josh Eilert as he takes on this interim role. The university will be closely monitoring his performance and evaluating the team's progress throughout the season, potentially considering Eilert for the permanent head coaching position depending on the team's success and his ability to guide the program effectively. With a strong foundation in place and the support of the West Virginia basketball community, Josh Eilert now has the opportunity to shape the team's future and build upon the success that Bob Huggins achieved during his tenure. The upcoming season will serve as a platform for Eilert to showcase his coaching philosophy and continue the legacy of excellence associated with West Virginia basketball. If he does well, he will be promoted to permanent head coach. However, if he does not, the Mountaineers can find their next man to be their permanent head coach and will have a lot of suitors for Huggins` full time replacement if Eilert is not the right guy for West Virginia!


Bob Huggins' resignation as the head coach of West Virginia University's men's basketball team following his second DUI incident has sent shockwaves through the college basketball community. His decision to step down reflects an acknowledgment of his wrongdoing and the realization that his actions were incompatible with the standards expected of a head coach.

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