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College Football Week 14 Recap: Twists, Turns, and Controversies (Championship Week)


College football fans witnessed a rollercoaster of emotions in Week 14 as championship games unfolded, determining conference champions and shaping the College Football Playoff (CFP) landscape. Michigan emerged victorious in the Big Ten Championship, securing the top spot in the rankings, Texas showed how great their offense is, while Alabama's stunning win over Georgia propelled them to the CFP. However, controversy surrounded the committee's decision to exclude an undefeated Florida State, leaving fans outraged.

Michigan Claims Big Ten Glory:

The Wolverines' journey through the Big Ten Championship was nothing short of spectacular. Michigan triumphed over a formidable opponent in Iowa, clinching the conference title and earning the coveted number one ranking. The Wolverines shut out the Hawks 26-0. With their eyes set on the Rose Bowl semifinals, Michigan is poised to face off against the formidable Alabama Crimson Tide.

Alabama Shocks Georgia, Secures CFP Spot:

In a thrilling matchup, Alabama pulled off a remarkable upset against previously undefeated Georgia. This victory not only secured the Crimson Tide's spot in the CFP but also reshaped the playoff picture. Georgia, now relegated to the Orange Bowl, will be seeking redemption after their first defeat of the season. The Crimson Tide beat the Bulldogs for the 4 time in the last 5 meetings. After Georgia beat Bama in the Championship game in January of 2022, they wanted their revenge and finally got in the SEC championship game.

Washington Triumphs in Pac-12 Championship:

The Pac-12 Championship witnessed a hard-fought battle between Washington and Oregon, with the former emerging victorious. Washington's triumph earned them a ticket to the Sugar Bowl semifinals, where they will face off against Texas. The Longhorns secured their spot by overcoming Oklahoma State to claim the Big 12 title. This was likely the last Pac-12 Championship game ever played and it was a thriller. Michael Penix Jr had a great performance and outdueled Oregon`s Bo Nix. He not only punched Washington ticket to the CFP, but also an invite to New York for the Heisman. In the win, Penix threw for 319 yards, 1 TD pass and a QBR of 87.8.

Texas Powers past OK State in the Big 12 Championship Game:

In a showdown in Dallas, Texas delivered a resounding performance in the Big 12 Championship game, dismantling Oklahoma State with an emphatic 49-21 victory. The Longhorns' offense operated at an unprecedented level, amassing an astounding 662 total yards of offense. The driving force behind this offensive juggernaut was none other than quarterback Quinn Ewers, whose aerial prowess was on full display. He was displaying poise and showcased a masterful performance by throwing for an eye-popping 452 passing yards. Ewers also had four touchdown passes. The Longhorns' dominance was not limited to the passing game, as their ground attack complemented Ewers' aerial onslaught with a relentless efficiency. The victory solidified their spot in the College Football Playoff, adding an exclamation point to a stellar season.

Controversy Surrounds FSU's CFP Snub:

Despite an impressive undefeated season, Florida State found themselves on the wrong side of controversy. The Seminoles secured a hard-fought victory over Louisville in the ACC Championship but were shockingly excluded from the CFP. The committee's decision, influenced by the absence of star quarterback Jordan Travis due to injury, left fans outraged. FSU will now have to settle for a matchup against Georgia in the Orange Bowl, leaving many questioning the committee's choices.

Fan Outrage and Debates:

The exclusion of an undefeated Florida State from the CFP sparked widespread outrage among college football enthusiasts. Many argued that the Seminoles had earned their spot and deserved a chance to compete for the national championship. The committee's decision to prioritize other factors over the team's perfect record left fans questioning the fairness of the selection process.


College Football Week 14 delivered a series of intense and unexpected outcomes, from conference championships to CFP implications. Michigan's rise to the top, Alabama's stunning victory, Texas offense looking unstoppable, Penix Jr outdueling Nix in the Pac-12 championship game and the controversy surrounding Florida State's exclusion added drama and excitement to an already thrilling season. As the teams prepare for their respective bowl games, fans eagerly anticipate the matchups that will ultimately determine the national champion.


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