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David Bakhtiari is out for the season and the Dolphins place Terron Armstead on the IR!

Green Bay, WI – In a devastating blow to the Green Bay Packers, star offensive tackle David Bakhtiari will be sidelined for the remainder of the 2023 NFL season due to another surgery. This unexpected setback comes as a significant setback for the team, which had high hopes for a successful campaign.

The Injury:

Bakhtiari at one time was widely regarded as the best offensive linemen in the league. He had been on the road to recovery after suffering an ACL tear in his left knee during a practice session in December 2021. The injury kept him out of action for the latter part of the season, including the playoffs, and forced the Packers to rely on backup options. He tried to return last season, but only played 11 games and once again had surgery to "clean out and address what we're going to do moving forward," according to Bakhtiari.

Initial reports suggested Bakhtiari was making significant progress in his rehabilitation and was on track to return to the field in the early part of the 2023 season. However, the team announced that he was done for the year and will have his fifth surgery to repair his knee. Last year, he underwent a fourth surgical procedure on his knee, prolonging his absence.

Fifth Surgery:

The decision for another surgery was reportedly made after Bakhtiari experienced complications in his recovery process. The specific nature of these complications has not been disclosed, but they are serious enough to require another surgical intervention. Packers' Head Coach Matt LaFleur expressed his disappointment at the setback, stating, "We were hopeful that David would be back on the field next season, but his health and long-term well-being are our top priorities. We'll support him in his recovery and look forward to his return in the future."

Impact on the Packers:

Bakhtiari's absence will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the Packers' offensive line. His skill and experience have made him a cornerstone of the team's pass protection, and his ability to block effectively in both run and pass situations is invaluable.

The Packers will now have to rely on their depth chart to fill the void left by Bakhtiari. Players like Elgton Jenkins and Rasheed Walker will likely be called upon to step up and protect the young quarterback Jordan Love. The Packers' offense needs to protect Love after allowing 8 sacks from the first four games. Their offensive line is essential for the offenses success.

Bakhtiari's Road to Recovery:

Bakhtiari's recovery journey will be challenging, but he has shown resilience in the past. His determination to return to the field at full strength will undoubtedly motivate him throughout the rehabilitation process. The Packers organization and fans will be eagerly awaiting his return, as he is considered a fan favorite and an integral part of the team's success.


The news of David Bakhtiari's fifth surgery and subsequent season-long absence is undoubtedly a significant setback for the Green Bay Packers. His leadership, skill, and experience on the offensive line will be sorely missed as the team navigates the remainder of the season. The focus now shifts to the depth and adaptability of the Packers' roster as they strive to maintain their competitive edge in the NFL. While the path to recovery may be challenging, fans are hopeful that Bakhtiari will return stronger than ever in the future to anchor the Packers' offensive line once more. However, there is great chance that the Packers will move on from Bakhtiari this offseason. He is under contract through 2024, but the Packers would save around $20 million if they releases him. Although, there will be $ 19.75 million in dead cap, if move on from their star offensive tackle. But, he would be owed round $ 40 million if they keep next season.

Miami Dolphins Place Terron Armstead on IR with Knee Injury; Four-Game Absence Expected

(Miami, FL) – The Miami Dolphins have made a significant roster move, placing their prized offensive tackle, Terron Armstead, on the Injured Reserve (IR) list due to a knee injury. While the injury is not expected to sideline Armstead for the entire season, he is projected to miss the next four games, raising challenges for the Dolphins as they navigate a touch AFC East.

The Injury and Its Consequences:

Terron Armstead, a key offseason acquisition in 2022 for the Dolphins, sustained a knee injury during their game vs the Bills, that has prompted concern about his availability for upcoming matchups. After careful evaluation and consultation with medical experts, the team decided to place him on IR to ensure a proper recovery without rushing his return.

Armstead's absence will undoubtedly have a substantial impact on the Dolphins, as he was brought in to provide elite protection for quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. His exceptional pass-blocking skills and experience have been instrumental in anchoring the offensive line and creating opportunities for the passing game. The team will now need to rely on their depth chart to maintain offensive consistency.

The Recovery Timeline:

Terron Armstead's placement on IR signifies that he will be given ample time to recover fully. Under NFL regulations, players on IR can be eligible to return after missing a minimum of three games, meaning Armstead could potentially rejoin the team after sitting out four games if his rehabilitation progresses as anticipated.

The Dolphins' organization and fans are hopeful that Armstead's commitment to his recovery will lead to a speedy and successful return. His presence on the field is pivotal as the team aims to improve upon their early-season performance and make a push for the playoffs.

Roster Adjustments:

In Armstead's absence, the Dolphins will turn to their depth at the offensive tackle position. During his absence, Kendall Lamm is expected to step up and fill the void, ensuring that Tagovailoa remains well-protected and the offense continues to function effectively.


Terron Armstead's placement on IR due to a knee injury presents a challenge for the Miami Dolphins, but the organization remains optimistic about his eventual return. While he may miss the next four games, his recovery progress will be closely monitored, and the Dolphins will continue their pursuit of success this season.

The Dolphins' depth and resilience will be tested as they strive to remain competitive in a highly contested AFC East division. Fans eagerly anticipate Armstead's return to the field, recognizing the significance of his presence in achieving the team's goals, including a potential playoff berth.

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