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The Olympics is introducing 5 new sports for 2028!

Flag Football will be one of the new events for The 2028 Summers Games in Los Angeles

The 2028 summers games will feature 5 new sporting events. The Olympics in 2028 will be held in Los Angeles and will have 5 new sports added to the games. The new sports will include the return of baseball/softball, cricket, lacrosse and squash. However, the big sport that will be held for the first time at the games is flag football. The IOC also know as the International Olympic Committee announced that the sport will be added for the first time. Flag football have never been played at the summer olympics. However, there has been talks of the games adding the sport for quite some time. The NFL was trying their best over the last few years to add the sport to the games and they finally accomplished it. The other sports such as baseball and Softball have been played at the Olympics of and on with the last time happening at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. However, both baseball and softball will not be added to the games in 2024 which will be held in Paris, France. Both sports will also not played in 2012 and 2016, but was picked back up in 2020 which was played in 2021 because of the pandemic. The other sports such as lacrosse and squash were played at the games a while back. In 1900 at the games in Paris cricket was included. In 1904 and 1908 lacrosse was played in St. Louis and London.

The inclusion of flag football introduced a dynamic, non-contact form of American football that emphasized speed and strategy, while cricket, with its rich heritage, captivated the world with its thrilling matches and strategic brilliance. Instead of tackle football, which is the most popular sport in the US, the games are adding flag which is violent and does not require as much as tackle. It will be 5 on 5 with no offensive line. For the other sports, Lacrosse will return for the first time since 1908. The sport showcases the prowess of a sport deeply rooted in indigenous culture, while squash brought its fast-paced and physically demanding game to a global audience. Lastly, the return of baseball and softball will rekindle the Olympic flame for these beloved sport. It was played for most of the summer games, and then was removed in 2012. It did not return either in 2016 when the games were held in Brazil. However, when the games were held in Japan, both sports were brought back. Squash, a fast-paced and physically demanding game, has gained a global platform to showcase the incredible agility, precision, and endurance of its athletes. The sport's unique characteristics, which require quick thinking and exceptional fitness, captivated both new and existing fans. Squash's Olympic return for the first time since 1904, enriches the Games with a fresh and exciting discipline. It will also encouraged the growth of the sport worldwide, inspiring aspiring athletes to aim for Olympic glory in the years to come.

IOC President Thomas Bach released a statement on the new events for the games in 2028. “The choice of these five new sports is in line with the American sports culture and will showcase iconic American sports to the world, while bringing international sports to the United States. These sports will make the Olympic Games LA28 unique,” “Their inclusion will allow the Olympic Movement to engage with new athlete and fan communities in the US and globally.”

As we look forward to the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, the addition of flag football, cricket, lacrosse, squash, and baseball/softball being added to the Games is exciting news. The road to 2028 promises to be a thrilling journey, filled with aspirations, dreams, and the celebration of athletic diversity. The world eagerly awaits the Games, where these sports will make their grand debut on a global stage, ushering in a new era of Olympic competition and fostering unity through the universal language of sports.

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