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Mitch Trubisky re-ups with the Pittsburgh Steelers

Mitch Trubisky signs new deal with Pittsburgh (STN Blog)

The Steelers lock up Mitchell Trubsky:

In a surprising turn of events, quarterback Mitchell Trubisky has agreed to a two-year contract extension with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Trubisky, a former high draft pick and starter in the NFL, has accepted his new role as a mentor and insurance policy for the promising young signal-caller Kenny Pickett. Trubisky, a former high draft pick and starter in the NFL, has accepted a new role as a mentor and insurance policy for the promising young signal-caller. This unexpected development raises questions about the team's quarterback depth chart and the potential impact of Trubisky's presence on Pickett's development.

The Agreement:

After exploring various options in free agency, Mitchell Trubisky and the Pittsburgh Steelers reached a mutually beneficial agreement. The terms of the deal, a short extension, indicate Trubisky's willingness to embrace a backup role and provide support for Kenny Pickett's development. The move signifies the team's confidence in Pickett's abilities as their future franchise quarterback.

The 2022 season:

Last season Trubsiky started 7 games and threw 4 touchdowns, 5 interceptions and 1,252 yards. The UNC product went 2-3 as the starter for Pittsburgh last season. He originally started off the season as the starter, but was eventually replaced by Kenny Pickett. Mitchell Trubisky's career trajectory has taken an interesting turn, going from a starting quarterback to assuming the role of a primary backup.

Depth and Insurance:

Having Trubisky as the primary backup provides the Steelers with a reliable option in case of an injury to Pickett. Trubisky's starting experience and familiarity with the NFL game make him an ideal insurance policy, ensuring that the team can maintain stability and competitiveness should Pickett be sidelined. The presence of a seasoned quarterback like Trubisky allows the Steelers to focus on Pickett's development without compromising their chances of success.


Mitchell Trubisky's decision to sign a short extension with the Pittsburgh Steelers as the primary backup to Kenny Pickett signifies a shift in his career trajectory. The move ensures the Steelers' quarterback depth chart remains solid, with a capable veteran waiting in the wings. As the upcoming season approaches, the dynamic between Trubisky and Pickett will be closely watched, with the hopes of a successful transition for the team's future franchise quarterback.

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