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NFL Makes Historic Move: Regular Season Opener in Brazil for 2024 Season!

The NFL has announced that the upcoming 2024 season will feature its first-ever regular-season game in Brazil. The much-anticipated match will take place on a Friday, just a day after the Kansas City Chiefs who won the Super Bowl kick off the season.

The chosen venue for this historic event is the iconic Corinth Stadium in São Paulo, setting the stage for a thrilling encounter that will captivate fans on a global stage. The Philadelphia Eagles have been selected as the home team, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Corinth Stadium, located in the heart of São Paulo, provides a spectacular backdrop for the NFL's debut in Brazil. Renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and passionate sports culture, São Paulo is the perfect host city for this historic event. The decision to stage the game on a Friday is expected to amplify the weekend excitement, allowing fans to kick off their football-filled weekend in style. It will be the first time since the 70’s that the NFL will have a regular season game on a Friday in the season opener. 

The NFL's expansion into international markets has been a strategic move to enhance its global footprint and engage with fans across borders. Brazil, with its growing enthusiasm for American football, offers a promising market for the league. By choosing São Paulo and the Corinthians Stadium, the NFL aims to immerse fans in a unique cultural experience while showcasing the sport's universal appeal.

As the countdown to the 2024 NFL season begins, fans are awaiting the release of the schedule to discover which team will face off against the Eagles in this historic game. The anticipation surrounding this announcement is sure to generate buzz, not only in the US but also among football enthusiasts in Brazil.

Photo by The Stadium Guide

The NFL will have 5 games overseas in 2024. It will include three games in England, one game in Munich, Germany and the other being in São Paulo, Brazil. The NFL had two games in Germany last year, but will only have one in 2024. The teams that will be playing internationally in 2024 are the Bears, Vikings, Jaguars and the Panthers along with the Eagles. The Bears, Vikings and Jaguars will play in London while the Panthers are the home team in Munich. The NFL hopes to have another game in Mexico soon. They did not play a regular season game in Mexico in 2023 and do not plan on playing in Mexico until at least 2026. The last game to be played in Mexico was in 2022 between the 49ers and Cardinals during Monday night football. Before they announced that they would play a game in Brazil, the NFL thought about playing in Madrid, Spain. According to reports, the NFL is still entertaining the idea of having a game in Madrid, Spain for the 2025 season.

Best of the Eagles 2022

The NFL continues to explore new horizons and break barriers as the 2024 regular-season opener in São Paulo marks a pivotal moment in the league's history. Football aficionados can look forward to witnessing the convergence of American and Brazilian cultures at Corinth Stadium, creating memories that will resonate across continents for years to come.

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