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Injury Report

NFL Week 1 Injury Report (Notable Players)


Injury: Brisker (groin), Jackson (ankle), Davis (personal reasons)

The Bears will not have three key players for their upcoming game vs the Packers. They will be without Jaquan Brisker, S; Eddie Jackson, S and their guard Nate Davis. Chicago will be facing some challenges with key players unavailable. Brisker's groin injury, Jackson's ankle issue, and Davis' absence due to personal reasons are impacting the team's lineup and strategy. These setbacks will undoubtedly test the team's depth and resilience in their upcoming game vs the Packers on Sunday.


Zack Moss, RB, Jonathan Taylor RB

Injury: Hamstring

Injury: Arm and Sitting out

The Colts find themselves without their primary running back options in a tough situation. Zack Moss is sidelined with a troublesome hamstring injury, while Jonathan Taylor's decision to sit out in pursuit of a new contract leaves a significant void in the backfield. This leaves the team facing an uphill battle in the ground game, putting additional pressure on their passing attack and raising questions about their offensive balance. The Colts take on the Jaguars in week 1



Tyler Smith, OT

Injury: Hamstring

The Dallas Cowboys are facing a challenge on their offensive line as starting offensive tackle Tyler Smith is sidelined with a hamstring injury. Smith, is one of their O-Lineman and he will be sorely missed as the Cowboys look to protect Dak Prescott vs that great pass rush in the Giants. He is also a great blocker in their running game. The team will need to rely on their depth and adjust their game plan to compensate for Smith's absence as they strive for success in the upcoming game vs the Giants on Sunday night.



Knee, Back and Ankle

The Miami Dolphins will enter Week 1 without their star offensive tackle, Tyron Armstead, who is battling a trifecta of injuries - knee, back, and ankle. Armstead's absence is a significant blow to the Dolphins' offensive line, which will now have to face a formidable opponent in the Los Angeles Chargers without one of their key protectors. The team will need to rely on backup options and make strategic adjustments to ensure they can hold their own in the matchup against the Chargers. Armstead's recovery will be closely monitored as the Dolphins aim to bounce back from this early-season setback.



Injury: Foot

The Atlanta Falcons will be without one of their cornerback Jeff Okudah, who is sidelined with a foot injury. Okudah's absence poses a challenge for the Falcons' secondary as they prepare to face the Panthers on Sunday. The team will need to adjust their defensive strategies to compensate for his absence and maintain their competitive edge on the field. Okudah's recovery progress will be closely monitored by the Falcons.



Injury: Ankle

The Carolina Panthers will be without one of their top wide receivers, Adam Thielen, who is sidelined with an ankle injury for their Week 1 matchup against the Atlanta Falcons. Thielen's absence is a significant setback for the Panthers' passing game, and his veteran presence will be sorely missed as they look to start the season on a strong note. The team will need to rely on their remaining receiving corps to step up and fill the void in his absence, making this game a challenging test for their offensive depth.



Stevenson (illness), Parker (knee)

The New England Patriots will be without two key players, Rhamondre Stevenson and DeVante Parker, for their upcoming game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Parker is sidelined with a knee injury, while Stevenson is battling an undisclosed illness. Their absence poses a challenge for the Patriots' offense as they aim to secure a victory. The Pats take on the Eagles in Foxborough at 4:25 PM Eastern.



Injury: Personal reasons

In an unexpected twist leading up to their Week 1 showdown against the Denver Broncos, the Las Vegas Raiders find themselves without star defensive end Chandler Jones. Jones, known for his formidable pass-rushing abilities, is set to miss the game due to personal reasons. What makes this situation even more intriguing is Jones's reported discontent with the Raiders organization. As the situation unfolds, all eyes will be on Chandler Jones and the Raiders to see how this unexpected development impacts the team's performance and their dynamic moving forward.



Injury: Hamstring

The Los Angeles Rams will face a challenging few weeks without their star wide receiver, Cooper Kupp, sidelined due to a hamstring injury. Kupp, known for his playmaking abilities, will be sorely missed as the Rams navigate upcoming matchups. The Rams will need him to return as soon as possible, making his return eagerly anticipated by both the team and fans.



Injury: Quadriceps

The Baltimore Ravens are gearing up for their upcoming game vs the Texans They will be without their prolific offensive weapon, tight end Mark Andrews. Andrews is set to miss time due to a quadriceps injury, creating a significant void in the Ravens' passing attack. Known for his reliable hands and big-play ability, Andrews has been a favorite target of quarterback Lamar Jackson. With his absence, the Ravens will need to rely on their backup TE Isiah Likely.



Injury: Knee

The New Orleans Saints will have to navigate their game vs the Titans without their cornerback Marshon Lattimore, who is sidelined due to a knee injury. Lattimore has been a linchpin of the Saints' defense with his shutdown coverage skills, and his absence will undoubtedly be felt in the secondary.



Injury: Groin

The Seattle Seahawks could be without running back Kenneth Walker due to a groin injury, adding a layer of complexity to their offensive strategy. Walker, who showed promise in the backfield roles, could possibly be sidelined, leaving the Seahawks with adjustments to make in their running game. He is still questionable.



Injury: Ankle

The Minnesota Vikings will be without the services of defensive end Marcus Davenport due to an ankle injury. Davenport's absence is a significant blow to the Vikings' pass rush and defensive line, as he is known for his ability to disrupt opposing quarterbacks. The team will need to adjust their defensive strategy and rely on their depth along the defensive line to fill the void left by Davenport's injury as they aim to maintain their defensive prowess in upcoming games.


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