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Steelers Face Playoff Hurdles: TJ Watt Sidelined with Injury, Mason Rudolph to Start Against Bills

The Pittsburgh Steelers find themselves in a challenging position as they head into their upcoming playoff game against the Buffalo Bills. Star defensive player TJ Watt is set to miss the crucial matchup due to a Grade 2 MCL sprain sustained during their recent victory over the Baltimore Ravens.

TJ Watt's Injury Impact:

TJ Watt, a key pillar of the Steelers' defense, suffered a Grade 2 MCL sprain in his knee during the intense battle against the Ravens last Saturday. The severity of the injury has ruled out the 2021 DPOY in their upcoming playoff game, leaving a significant void in the defense. Watt's absence raises concerns about the team's ability to maintain its defensive prowess against a formidable Bills team.

Steelers' Defensive Challenge:

Watt's impact on the Steelers' defense cannot be overstated. As one of the league's premier pass rushers, he has consistently disrupted opposing offenses and played a pivotal role in the team's success. The Steelers will need to adjust their defensive strategy to compensate for his absence, and other players must step up to fill the void left by the Pro Bowl edge rusher.

Mason Rudolph Gets the Nod:

The Steelers have also made the decision to start Mason Rudolph at quarterback over Kenny Pickett in the playoff matchup against the Bills. The move signals a strategic choice by the coaching staff, taking into consideration Rudolph's experience and familiarity with the team's system.

Assessing Rudolph's Role:

Mason Rudolph, who has served as the Steelers' backup quarterback, now finds himself thrust into the starting role for this critical playoff game. The coaching staff likely values Rudolph's knowledge of the team's offensive schemes and his previous playing experience in high-stakes situations. This decision raises questions about the team's offensive approach and how Rudolph will fare against the Bills' defense.


As the Steelers prepare to face the Bills without the defensive prowess of TJ Watt and with Mason Rudolph leading the offense, the team must rally together to overcome these obstacles. The Steelers will need a collective effort to advance in the postseason. Steelers fans will be watching anxiously as their team navigates these challenges in pursuit of playoff success.

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