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The Cowboys agree to a new reworked deal for Zack Martin!

Zack Martin will now be the third highest paid guard in the NFL!

In a move that solidifies their commitment to one of their key players, the Dallas Cowboys have announced a reworked contract for All-Pro guard Zack Martin. The new deal, valued at $36 million over two years, will see Martin earn a staggering $18 million per year. This development highlights the team's recognition of Martin's indispensable role on the field and their willingness to invest in retaining top-tier talent.

Zack Martin: A Pillar of Excellence

Since his entry into the NFL in 2014, Zack Martin has consistently showcased his remarkable skill set, earning himself a reputation as one of the premier offensive guards in the league. His dominant performances, both in pass protection and run blocking, have not only been instrumental in the success of the Cowboys' offense but have also earned him numerous accolades and Pro Bowl selections.

The Rationale Behind the Reworked Deal

Zack Martin's original contract, signed in 2018, was set to expire in a few years. However, given his exceptional contributions and the ever-evolving landscape of the NFL, the Cowboys' front office recognized the need to secure Martin's services for the immediate future. The reworked deal not only offers financial security to Martin but also demonstrates the team's commitment to building a competitive roster that can contend for championships.

Sitting out until he got the deal he wanted

Zack Martin's pursuit of a new contract took a bold turn as he opted to withhold his presence from training camp until his desired deal was secured. Unfazed by the fines incurred each time he missed a camp session, Martin's resolute stance showcased his determination to secure a contract that accurately reflected his exceptional contributions to the team. The Norte Dame Product was fined every time he missed which ended up costing him roughly around $ 1 million dollars. Despite the financial penalties, the Dallas Cowboys ultimately recognized the gravity of Martin's request, acknowledging his value as a linchpin of their offensive line. Their decision to grant him the coveted deal underscores Martin's significance to the team's success and their commitment to retaining top-tier talent, even in the face of financial challenges. He is the third highest paid guard in the League only behind Falcons Chris Lindstrom and Colts Quinten Nelson.

Impact on Team Morale and Performance

Beyond the financial implications, reworking Zack Martin's contract has positive ramifications for team morale and performance. By demonstrating their commitment to retaining core players, the Cowboys send a clear message to the entire roster: performance and dedication are recognized and rewarded.

Looking Ahead

With Zack Martin's reworked deal in place, the Dallas Cowboys position themselves for a promising future. The next two years will undoubtedly see Martin continue to excel as a linchpin of the team's offense. As the NFL continues to evolve, and teams place increasing importance on a strong offensive line, Martin's presence will be invaluable in maintaining the Cowboys' competitive edge.


The Dallas Cowboys' decision to rework Zack Martin's contract, offering him a lucrative deal of $18 million per year for the next two years, is a statement of their commitment to excellence. Martin's exceptional contributions as an offensive guard have not only justified this substantial investment but have also positioned him as a cornerstone of the Cowboys' ongoing pursuit of success. As the team looks ahead to the upcoming 2023 season, the reworked deal ensures that Martin's skills and leadership will continue to play a pivotal role in their quest for a championship.

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