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Breaking! The Miami Dolphins trade for Bears WR Chase Claypool

The Dolphins have acquired Bears dissatisfied WR Chase Claypool! The Bears will also send a 2025 seventh round pick to the Dolphins in exchange for a 2024 sixth round pick!

The Bears have made a move very early in the season! Less than a day after winning their first game of the season against the Commanders and first in a calendar year, the Bears have traded WR Chase Claypool to the Dolphins! The Bears will receive a 2024 sixth round pick, while the Dolphins will get a Chase Claypool and a 2025 seventh round pick. According to sources, the Bears will save $ 2.2 million against the cap. Claypool will now get a fresh start in Miami after a tumultuous tenure in Chicago. In his time with the Bears, the Notre Dame product caught 18 passes for 191 yards and 1 touchdown. He will now join the top offense in the League so far along with teaming up with Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle.

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Disastrous tenure in the Windy City

Claypool did not last long in the Windy City. He played less than a season with the Bears after being traded from the Steelers last deadline. The Bears gave up the 32nd overall pick for Claypool, which turned out to be cornerback Joey Porter Jr out of Penn State. He had two great years with the Steelers during his tenure in Pittsburgh. However, things turned south for Claypool in the Steel City during his third season and was eventually dealt to the Bears. In his first two seasons in Pittsburgh, The former second round pick had 214 receptions for 1,733 yards and had 11 scores. In fact, he played so well during his first year that he was receiving Rookie of the Year votes and made the All-Rookie team when he had 873 yards and 9 touchdowns. When the Steelers moved on from Claypool, the Bears thought they were giving Justin Fields a great weapon for the young QB. However, they did not happen and Claypool`s tenure with the Bears was forgettable. In the first game of the season vs the Packers Claypool`s name was over social media and it wasn`t good. His low effort vs Green Bay caused social media to be in a frenzy when he refused to block the cornerback that was guarding him. According to DJ Moore, he and the other wide receivers met with Claypool and address it after week 1`s lost and said it would not happen again. The Bears lost the game to the Packers 38-20 and Claypool failed to have any receptions in the loss.

The Last Straw

Chase Claypool was unhappy with his role for the Bears. After their loss to the Chiefs, the Bears fell to 0-3. He was frustrated after their loss to the Chiefs and was not happy with his role. Reporters asked Claypool after their lost to the Chiefs if he was being used the best way to succeed: The 25 year old wide receiver paused for a few minutes and then said, "No." After his comments, the franchise was not happy, and asked Claypool to stay home for their next games against the Broncos. After their tough loss to the Broncos where they blew a lead, Claypool was asked again to stay home and not be around the facility. Claypool was a healthy scratch for both of their games vs the Broncos and Commanders. Before their win vs the Commanders on Thursday night, GM Ryan Poles has this to say about Claypool.

"Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and we were hoping for him to be a little bit more productive and be someone that could help us take it to the next level," Poles said ahead of the team's 40-20 win over the Washington Commanders on Thursday. "I wish him luck."


With Claypool now headed to Miami, he will join a receiving corps of Tyreek Hill, Jalen Waddle, Braxton Berrios and Cedric Wilson. The Dolphins did lose two receivers and they were River Cracraft and Erik Ezukanma on injured reserve and the non-football injury list. Plus it was a low risk and possible high reward for the Dolphins. If Claypool does return to form like he was in Pittsburgh, it will be seen as a great move by Miami. However, if it doesn't work out, there will be no harm down as they only had to give up a 6th round pick. On Friday when the trade went down Claypool was not in practice on Thursday and will not be active for the Dolphins next matchup vs Giants. Claypool could be active vs the Panthers next week for the first time since week 3 when the Bears were blown out by the Chiefs. This is what Josh McDaniels had to say about Chase Claypool.

"Everybody hears things, and so I think it's very, very important that you let people tell you who they are," "And I see better than I hear. There's so many things that can go on in certain circumstances. ... I'm not going to make myself wrong with something that I don't know by judging X, Y or Z. We give you the opportunity to define who you are in the most honest, organic, real way possible.

"It's always a nice litmus test for your locker room when guys come in; you can see where you're at. I'm very confident that our guys will embrace him and we'll move forward with a new teammate."

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