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The Saints strikeout on both Kareem Hunt and Anthony Barr!

In the world of the NFL, speculation and anticipation often surround the movement of players team to team during the offseason. The case of Kareem Hunt, a talented running back, and the New Orleans Saints serves as a prime example. Initially believed to be on the cusp of signing with the Saints, Hunt's potential deal eventually fell through, leaving fans and analysts wondering about the factors that led to this unexpected outcome.

The Background

Kareem Hunt had previously made a name for himself as a dynamic running back with the Kansas City Chiefs, showcasing his skills as both a rusher and a pass-catcher. After his time with the Chiefs, Hunt signed with the Browns. The last few years, he was the number two RB to Nick Chubb. He was a great complementary piece to Chubb. However, after the 2022 season, the Browns decided to not resign Hunt and let him enter free agency. Cleveland thought it was best to not offer him a new deal, because they thought he was getting older and losing a step. Despite that, Hunt had a solid season in 2022, where he had 468 rushing yards and 210 receiving yards. His best season with the Browns was back in 2020, where he had 841 yards rushing and 305 yards through the air, while having 11 scores.

The Saints' Interest

As the NFL offseason unfolded, reports emerged indicating the New Orleans Saints' interest in signing Kareem Hunt. The news of Hunt's visit to the Saints' facility intensified the speculation surrounding his potential signing. The Saints will not have Alvin Kamara for the first three games of the season as he is suspended. The other RB Eno Benjamin was expected to fill in for Kamara, but he is out for the season with a torn achilles. Benjamin suffered the injury during the first week of training camp. With Kamara out for the first week with a suspension and Benjamin done for the season, the Browns needed an RB like Hunt. However, despite the visit going well and the Browns offering him a better deal than the Brown, he still left the facility without a deal.

An Unexpected Outcome

However, as the day of the potential contract signing arrived, both parties left the negotiating table without a new deal in place. While initial reports had indicated a strong possibility of Hunt joining the Saints, the negotiations seemingly hit a roadblock. The exact reasons for the breakdown in talks remain undisclosed, leaving fans and analysts to speculate about the factors that contributed to the missed opportunity.

Anthony Barr's Near-Deal with the Saints: An Unforeseen Twist in Free Agency:


The realm of the NFL is rife with uncertainties, where player signings and team decisions can pivot dramatically in a matter of moments. The New Orleans Saints recently experienced one such twist in their pursuit of NFL linebacker Anthony Barr. Initially presumed to be on the brink of joining the Saints, Barr's potential signing took an unexpected turn, leaving both parties without a new contract and football enthusiasts intrigued by the unfolding narrative.

The Saints' Interest

As the free agency period commenced, rumors began circulating that the New Orleans Saints were in discussions with Anthony Barr regarding a potential deal. The Saints, recognized for their strong defense and strategic player acquisitions, saw Barr as a valuable addition to their defensive unit. The team's willingness to pursue Barr reflected their commitment to bolstering their roster and maintaining their competitive edge. Barr last played for the Cowboys in 2022, after he did not resign with Minnesota. Last season, the UCLA product had 58 total tackles, 4 QB Hits, 2 tackles for loss and 2 fumble recoveries.

Anticipation Mounts

The possibility of Barr donning a Saints uniform fueled speculation among fans and analysts alike. Pundits debated the potential impact of Barr's presence on the Saints' defense, contemplating the advantages he could bring to a team already known for its formidable play. As the anticipation grew, observers eagerly awaited official confirmation of the signing.

An Unexpected Outcome

However, as negotiations unfolded and Barr visited the Saints' facility, the expected contract signing did not materialize. Just like the Kareem Hunt situation, Barr left the facility without a new deal in place, surprising many who had anticipated a positive outcome. While initial reports hinted at an imminent agreement, something transpired during the discussions that led both parties to part ways without finalizing a deal.


The unpredictability of the NFL world was vividly illustrated through Anthony Barr's near-deal with the New Orleans Saints. This incident serves as a reminder that even when negotiations appear promising, factors behind closed doors can shift the trajectory of a player's journey. The NFL's free agency period continues to keep fans on the edge of their seats, reminding us that in the world of football, twists and turns are the norm, and nothing is certain until pen meets paper.

Similar to how the Anthony Barr situation happened. Kareem Hunt found the same problem with New Orleans. It was first thought that he had already signed with the Saints, but it never came to fruition. Hunt and Barr both remain a free agent and are one of the top players available. Hunt even visited the Colts and it was thought that he would sign with them instead of the Saints. The Toledo product then left the Colts facility once again without a contract. According to reports, Indy offered him more money than New Orleans and Cleveland. However, there is no reports on why Hunt left without using a pen to paper. For his career, Hunt has rushed for 4,205 yards on 895 attempts while having 1,806 receiving yards through the air. He also added 48 scores from the ground and air.

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