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2 more rookie QB`s have been named starters for Week 1!

Bryce Young and CJ Stroud have both been named starters!

The Number 1 Pick will be starting for the Panthers

In a move that is not really surprising to NFL fans, both the Carolina Panthers and the Houston Texans have named their respective rookie quarterbacks, Bryce Young and CJ Stroud, as their QB1 choices for the upcoming season. This decision marks a significant departure from the conventional practice of relying on veteran quarterbacks to lead the charge.

Carolina Panthers: Bryce Young

Bryce Young, from the University of Alabama, arrives in the NFL with an impressive collegiate record that speaks volumes about his potential. Having showcased his ability to perform under pressure, make split-second decisions, and deliver accurate throws, Young has earned the confidence of the Panthers' coaching staff. With a quick release and the ability to extend plays with his feet, Young brings a dynamic element to the Panthers' offense that could prove to be a game-changer. He was named the starter back in July and became official after their finale preseason game vs the Lions. The 2021 Heisman trophy winner started all three games and threw 129 yards and 1 TD pass along with a QB rating of 87.

While some may argue that Young lacks experience at the professional level, his performances in college have demonstrated his adaptability and rapid learning curve. The Panthers' decision to place their faith in Young signals a long-term investment in his development and an anticipation of his ability to adapt to the rigors of the NFL. Even though the Panthers have veteran QB Andy Dalton on their roster, Carolina decided to rock with Young to start the season.

Houston Texans: CJ Stroud

Equally captivating is the Houston Texans' choice of CJ Stroud, a standout quarterback from Ohio State University, as their QB1. Stroud's journey through college football showcased his arm strength, accuracy, and poise in high-pressure situations. His ability to read defenses and deliver precision passes makes him an exciting prospect for the Texans. Even though he struggled in his first preseason game vs the Patriots as he improved and showed the Texans coaching staff that he was ready to be the man the Texans needed.

The decision to entrust a rookie with the quarterback reins is undoubtedly a calculated risk for the Texans, given the intensity of competition in the NFL. However, Stroud's talent, coupled with his potential for growth, has convinced the team's decision-makers that he's the right choice to lead their offensive charge. In his three preseason games that he started, he went 11-of-18 for 89 yards with one touchdown and an interception in eight series over three contests.


The decisions by the Carolina Panthers and the Houston Texans to name rookie quarterbacks Bryce Young and CJ Stroud as their QB1 choices reflect a willingness to embrace change and invest in the future. Both Young and Stroud have showcased their abilities on the collegiate stage, and these teams are banking on their potential to translate that success to the NFL. As the season unfolds, all eyes will be on these young signal-callers as they seek to prove that they are more than ready to take on the challenges of professional football.

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