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Walker Buehler is done for the rest of the year!

The Dodgers have shut down Ace pitcher Walker Buehler for the rest of the season!

Dodgers star pitcher Walker Buehler, often referred to as their "ace," will not be able to take the mound this year. Buehler's journey to recovery following Tommy John surgery in August 2022 has proven to be a challenging one, with the Dodgers initially holding out hope for a late-season return, only to decide against it.

The Initial Optimism

When Walker Buehler underwent Tommy John surgery in August 2022, the Dodgers and their fans held out hope that he might return later in the 2023 season. While the recovery period typically spans 12 to 18 months, exceptional cases have seen players return in as little as 10 months. Buehler's remarkable talent and determination made him a candidate for such a swift return.

The Road to Recovery

The Dodgers remained cautiously optimistic about Buehler's return, closely monitoring his progress throughout the season. Reports of bullpen sessions and simulated games hinted at his imminent comeback, further fueling the hopes of Dodgers faithful. Buehler had a rehab assignment last week with Triple-A Oklahoma City. The two time All-Star performed well and pitched 2 scoreless innings. However, it seems as though, he needed more time.

The Turning Point

As this season progressed, it became evident that the Dodgers faced a dilemma. While Buehler was making steady progress in his recovery, the team had to weigh the risks associated with rushing him back to the mound. Tommy John surgery is not something to be taken lightly, and the long-term health of their star pitcher was the top priority.

The decision to rule out Buehler's return around September 1 was not taken lightly. It was a calculated choice made in consultation with medical experts and Buehler himself. The Dodgers' management recognized the importance of his future contributions to the team and the potential repercussions of pushing him too hard, too soon.

The Impact on the Dodgers

Losing Walker Buehler for the entire season is undoubtedly a blow to the Dodgers' pitching rotation. Buehler, known for his electric fastball and dominant performances, has been a crucial part of their success in recent years. His absence leaves a void at the top of the rotation that will be challenging to fill. They don`t have either Tony Gonsolin or Dustin May as they are both out for the season with injuries. May was shut down back in July after undergoing flexor tendon surgery. Gonsolin was shut down last week after having Tommy John surgery last week. They also do not have Julio Urías. Urias was placed on administrative leave this week following a felony domestic violence arrest. Clayton Kershaw is still available, but he is not young anymore and has been struggling as of late with injuries as well. They also have Lynce Lynn and will have rely heavily on the younger pitchers Ryan Pipiot, Bobby Miller and Emmet Sheehan. They are likely going to win the NL West and captures the second seed in the NL, but its in the postseason where the pitching rotation will be a problem.

Looking Ahead

Fans will eagerly await Buehler's return in 2024, hopeful that the extra time for rehabilitation will ensure his peak performance and longevity in a Dodgers uniform. In the meantime, the team will look to other talented pitchers to carry the torch and keep their championship aspirations alive.


Walker Buehler's absence from the Dodgers' pitching rotation for the rest of the season serves as a stark reminder of the challenges that come with Tommy John surgery. While fans may be disappointed by his extended absence, the organization's decision to prioritize his health.

The Dodgers will continue to compete, adapt, and strive for success in Buehler's absence, with an eye toward a brighter future when their ace can once again take the mound and showcase his remarkable talent.

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