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The Suns acquire 3 x All-Star Bradley Beal!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Beal to the Suns! Exploring the Beal Trade and grading the acquisition (STN Blog)

In a stunning move that has sent shockwaves throughout the NBA, the Phoenix Suns have made a blockbuster trade, acquiring All-Star shooting guard Bradley Beal. The Suns are trading Chris Paul, Laundry Shamet, a plethora of second round picks and pick swaps for the 3 time All-Star Bradley Beal. The Suns are coming of a season where they lost to the Nuggets in the semi-finals to the Nuggets in six games. Before the Injuries, Beal was widely regarded as one of the league's premier scorers, brings an elite offensive skill set to an already potent Suns lineup. Known for his silky-smooth shooting stroke and ability to create his own shot, Beal will undoubtedly provide a significant boost to the Suns' scoring prowess. His arrival adds another dynamic weapon alongside the electrifying backcourt duo of Kevin Durant and Devin Booker, creating a three-headed monster that opposing defenses will struggle to contain.

Looking at the Trade some More:

The trade signals the Suns new owner Matt Ishbia is very committed to winning a championship and will do anything for a title. With the addition of Beal, Phoenix has created maybe the final "Big Three"in NBA history. With the new CBA, it will be harder for teams to have the cap for a big three such as the Suns. The Leagues new collective bargaining makes it it almost impossible for teams to create super teams and big three such as the what the Suns just created. The Luxury tax will also be super expensive for teams to make such a commitment to a big three or super teams. Booker, Durant and Beal all possesses a rare combination of talent, experience, and versatility. The Suns now boast an enviable balance of scoring, playmaking, and defensive prowess that could give nightmares to any team trying to game plan against them if all stay healthy.

Where do the Suns rank with the addition of Beal

The Suns are still not the best team in the West. The reigning champs, the Nuggets are still the top team in the West. However, with the trade, Phoenix is now the second best team with the addition of Bradley Beal. They pass other teams in the West such as the Clippers, Grizzlies, Kings, Warriors, Lakers and others. The Suns can be very good with the acquisition of Bradley Beal. Even though the Trade for Beal is not exactly what the Suns needed, it does give them another scorer which in today's game you can never have too much of. When healthy Beal is a top 5 shooting guard and before the injuries he was averaging over 30 points a game. Beal will turn 30 this offseason, which is why they need to trade for him before he gets too old. When the Wizards were a consistent playoff team during the 2010`s, Beal and Wall were a great duo and in 2017 they were one game away from making it to the Eastern Conference Finals. During his career, the 3 time All-Star averages 23.2 PPG, 5.4 APG along with 3.9 rebounds per game and shoots 50% percent from the field. Even though the Suns don’t have a true point guard now that Chris Paul is gone, they can find one in free agency, and could also trade Deandre Ayton away for one or just have Cameron Payne be the guy to replace the 12 time All-Star and play aongside Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, Bradley Beal and Deandre Ayton.

Where do the Wizards go from here?

Now that they have traded Bradley Beal, they no longer have to absorb his massive contract. However, they will have to eat most of it because his contract was so large. It seems as though the Wizards are going in the opposite direction. The Suns are all in, while the Wizards are now in a full rebuild. With Beal now gone and Kyle Kuzma opting out, the Wizards seems as though they are looking to get the top pick in next years draft. A few years ago, Washington moved on from John Wall, but decided to acquire Russell Westbrook which ended up only one year as they later traded him to. Washington only made the playoffs once since 2017 and lost to the 76ers in the first round two years ago. To make it worse, the Wizards have only won one playoff series since then and it was back in the John Wall and Bradley Beal era. They did acquire Chris Paul, but he will likely be on the move as it was reported that the Clippers and Lakers are interested in brining in the 12 time All-Star. Moreover, the Wizards' new management and coaching staff must embrace a long-term perspective. Patience and development will be essential as they groom their young players and mold them into a cohesive unit. It may take time for the team to regain its competitiveness, but with careful planning and astute decision-making, a new era of Wizards basketball can emerge. Rebuilding processes are challenging, and setbacks are inevitable. However, other NBA franchises have successfully rebuilt themselves from the ground up, and the Wizards can draw inspiration from their journeys. As the curtain falls on the John Wall-Bradley Beal era in Washington, a new chapter begins. The Wizards must embrace this transition, demonstrating resilience and commitment to building a competitive team. While the road ahead may be arduous, the potential rewards are immense. With a fresh outlook and a steadfast focus on growth, the Washington Wizards can lay the groundwork for a promising future, poised to rise once again in the NBA ranks.

What does this mean for Chris Paul?

Chris Paul along with Laundry Shamet were a part of the deal, but CP3 will likely be traded again. CP3 tenure in the nation's capital may be short-lived. There is a very low chance of him staying in the nations capital as the Wizards are looking to the future rather than the present. Paul has a few suitors as their are some team that are interested in the future Hall of Fame PG. Lets look at those teams.

1. LA Clippers:

They are interested in brining in a good PG. However, they still have to made a decision on Russell Westbrook. However, if Westbrook leaves, the Clippers could could bring in Chris Paul and have him join stars such as Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. The Clippers would instantly become championship contenders with Paul's playmaking ability and veteran presence. Los Angeles Lakers: Joining forces with LeBron James and Anthony Davis would undoubtedly make the Lakers a dominant force in the league. Paul's leadership and ability to orchestrate an offense could help the Lakers reclaim their title aspirations.

2. Philadelphia 76ers:

The 76ers are seeking a point guard who can elevate their championship hopes. Pairing Paul with Joel Embiid and maybe James Harden would form a potent trio, with Paul providing the floor spacing and leadership that the team needs to make a deep playoff run.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves:

The Timberwolves are a young team brimming with potential, and adding a seasoned veteran like Paul could be a game-changer. His leadership and ability to mentor rising stars like Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards could help accelerate their development.

4. Chicago Bulls:

The Bulls are an up-and-coming team that lacks a true floor general. Paul's arrival would bring stability to their backcourt and provide a mentor for their core of Zach LaVine and Demar Derozen.

5. Milwaukee Bucks:

The Bucks, two years removed from their NBA championship, they have a solid foundation in Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton. Adding Chris Paul would give them a proven playmaker and clutch performer, further strengthening their chances of acheiving another title.

Grading the both teams after the trade:

- The Suns and Wizards grade!

Now that we have looked at both sides of the trade, we will Some this article up with grading both sides of the trade. We will give the Suns and Wizards a team grade.

The Suns Grade B-

Let's start off with the Phoenix Suns grade. We will give them a B- Since they were able to acquire another former All-Star guard. A lot of fans and analysts did not like the trade, but I think the Suns got a steal. They did not have to give up much for 3 time All-Star and in today's game you can never have too much scoring. I understand the Sun's biggest problem was not scoring, but you need as much scoring in today's game. Before the injuries, Beal was averaging over 30 points per game and also shot over 50%. Yes, I understand he will be 30 when the season begins, but he provides another scorer to the offense and gives them a better chance to succeed. They do inherit a massive contract, but if Bradley Beal can stay healthy, Phoenix will be one of the top teams along with the reigning champs, the Denver nuggets.

The Wizards grade C

In my opinion, Washington does not get a good grade. The reason why is because they gave Bradley Beal a massive contract and then a year later traded them and did not get much assets for him in return. They could get something out of a Chris Paul trade if they do decide to trade him. However, Paul is older now and past his prime. The Wizards will probably not get much for Chris Paul and therefore had to eat up most of Bradley Beal's contract. Like I said earlier, Washington will likely be headed towards the rebuild now that Bradley Beal's gone and on top of that Kyle Kuzma also opted out of his contract and is a free agent.

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